The Farm belongs to the Demarcated Region of Douro, in an accentuated slope area, on the banks of the river Távora.

The Farm has an agricultural area that corresponds to Quinta das Herédias is split by a road into two walled areas with 25 hectares below and a forested area spanning 22 hectares above the same road.

It has vines in plain terraces, olive grove, orange trees, almond trees, cherry trees and fig trees, forming an amphitheatre on the hillside, of great scenical character, bordered by the Farm of the Convent of Saint Peter of Eagles, the river Távora and the medieval Fumo Bridge that crosses it, by the Beautiful Garden Farm and by the public way which linked Távora to Granjinha, and by the Cross Farm and Saint Peter of Eagles Roman Church.

Also there is a small area of wood at the highest part of the property where many native forest species can be found: walnut-trees, holm oaks, oak trees, arbutus-trees and bushes (hazel trees, heath, rockrose, juniper …).

A watercourse covers all the property flowing into the river Távora, being crossed by a small granite bridge at the extreme end of the farm.