Quinta das Herédias has a history of 900 years and was one of the properties founded by the Monastery of Saint Peter of Eagles (Cistercian Religious Order), in mind of S. Bernard's Order, to populate and cultivate lands donated to monks, by the ascendants of Távoras, by Count D. Henrique and his wife D. Teresa, and other noble families too.

Later, those properties had been leased by the Monastery to local families, some of which were agricultural nobility.

D. Leonor Amália Falcão Sarmento, the last descendant of the Herédia family, was the first person to become proprietor of the farm, after extinguishing the religious orders in 1834. The next proprietor and his descendants, renovated both vineyards and plain terraces, and had built the Wine Workshop, the Olive Oil House, the new House of the Landlord and, finally, the Chapel.

Quinta das Herédias was acquired in 1963 by the family of the present proprietors who, in December of 2003, did have its classification as Landed Property of Municipal Interest and, in May of 2007, had concluded the restoration works and of remodelling of the houses in keeping with its adaptation to Rustic Tourism in the agricultural space.